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Wolmania - Friday, September 9, 2022

I'm on vacation this week so I'm just throwing something together at the last minute. Hope it meets your high standards.

Fear And Loathing In Big Sur

Fear And Loathing In Big Sur

Who would hire Hunter S.Thompson to take care of a rustic Big Sur coastal estate?

Item 2: a list

List ideas I considered but gave up on, ranked (all titles [sic]):

  1. Sailing Ship rigs, ranked (this is actually a good one but I can't easily combine images and numbered lists here so stay tuned...)
  2. Gods of the Greek Pantheon, ranked
  3. Seasons of Lost, ranked
  4. Succession children, ranked
  5. Some popular cooking spices, ranked
  6. Hans Zimmer film scores, ranked
  7. Hans Zimmer film scores, ranked (looking through my archives, I took a shot at this twice)
  8. Fast food burgers that are a tier or two above McDonald's and Burger King, ranked
  9. Philip K. Dick Movies, ranked
  10. Key Roman gods, ranked
  11. Star Wars droids, ranked
  12. Beatles, ranked
  13. Top ten salad dressings

Item 3: a media recommendation

Kid Francescoli - "Moon"

Item 4: a photograph

See ya!

Thanks for reading. See you next week.