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Wolmania 2.0

(You hopefully received some version of this by email already but I am paraphrasing it and putting it here for archival purposes in case someone happens upon this site in future.)

Revue, the platform that has hosted this newsletter for close to two years now, broke last week and failed to send out that issue. Also, a horrible tech billionaire is about to buy Twitter (who owns Revue). So I'm switching to a new platform for future issues.

The new site is actually the same as the old one - https://newsletter.wolmania.com. But I couldn't move the existing issues over there, so from now on (or until I find a way to import them into the new site) you'll find those old issues here.

Anyway, if I did everything correctly then all existing subscribers shouldn't need to do anything to get the new installments. Please let me know if anything does get screwed up.

See ya!

See you on Friday.