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Wolmania - Friday, October 14, 2022

Last week I mentioned that I would be in Italy this week. That's true as of this writing. But by the time you read this I will have left Italy and gone to Germany. But not only that, I will have left Germany and will be on my way back to California. I could not come up with a coherent theme to align with this itinerary. Accordingly, this is the usual grab-bag of nonsense thrown together when I have a few free minutes. Enjoy!

Ancient sculptures reproduced in color, at the Met, feel unsettling

Ancient sculptures reproduced in color, at the Met, feel unsettling

Antiquities reproduced in vivid color, now on view in the “Chroma” exhibition at the Met, may look garish to modern eyes.

Also, what is up with that flying lion's dreadlocks? Cultural appropriation alert.

Item 2: a list

Ten qualities of a top-tier hotel room:

  1. Sufficient hooks/bars/space for towels in the bathroom (especially hand-towels near the sink)
  2. Electrical outlets that are not wedged tightly behind furniture so you can’t actually plug anything in
  3. An unobstructed view of a body of water or a finely maintained garden
  4. Lots of hangers in the closet
  5. Controls for all bedroom lights within reach from bed
  6. Mini-fridge with space for your own stuff
  7. Comfortable mattress & pillows (no bonus points for an excess of stupid little cylindrical pillows)
  8. Drains in the sinks/shower operate well
  9. There is a shower, with good water pressure
  10. Ample fancy soaps and such in small containers you can take with you so you have them when the next hotel room you end up with is NOT top-tier

Item 3: a media recommendation

Cerrone x Purple Disco Machine - Summer Lovin'

Item 4: word of the week


Item 5: a photograph

Samarra Archaeological City, Iraq. A powerful Islamic capital city that ruled over the provinces of the Abbasid Empire - from Tunisia to Central Asia for a century. The 9th-century Great Mosque & its spiral minaret are among the remarkable architectural monuments of the site.

See ya!

Thanks as always for reading. Back to our regular scheduled domestic jibber-jabber next week.