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Wolmania - Friday, June 24, 2022

Good morning and welcome to the last Wolmania of June (2022). We will be completely ignoring recent political/judicial events this week. Just a bunch of nonsense for your enjoyment.

Just click below (or here) and watch all the videos in this thread:

Item 2: a list

Top Gun Instructors and MIG Pilots Thanked in the End Credits of Top Gun (1986), Ranked:

  1. Lt. Peter “Horse” Caulk
  2. Capt. Terrence “Circus” McGuire
  3. Lt. Gregory “Hollywood” Dishart
  4. Lt. Dave “Bio” Baranek
  5. Maj. Ray “Secks” Seckinger
  6. Lt. Michael “Flex” Galpin
  7. Lt. William “Tex” Spence
  8. Lcdr. Thomas “Sobs” Sobieck
  9. Lcdr. Robert “Rat” Willard
  10. Lt. Ricky “Organ” Hammonds
  11. Capt. Michael “Boa” Straight
  12. Capt. Dennis “Sunshine” Dilucente
  13. Lt. James “Jaws” Winnefeld
  14. Maj. John “Player” Cushing
  15. Lt. James “Jambo” Ray
  16. Lt. Michael “Vida” Blue

Item 3: a media recommendation

Neil Diamond - Red Red Wine

Item 4: a photograph

A Deep Sky Behind an Eclipsed Moon

A Deep Sky Behind an Eclipsed Moon

Explanation: Milky Way galaxycolorful cloudsRho Ophiuchireddened Moontotal lunar eclipsethe Moonunexpected guestbright meteorfleeting meteorcapturedLa PalmaSpanishCanary Islandseclipsed Moon imagetotal lunar eclipsewill occur

Click through for a larger image without the labels.

See ya!

Thanks as always for reading - it's been my pleasure. See you next week.