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Wolmania - Friday, June 17, 2022

Good morning. This weekend is Juneteenth. It’s a good reminder that the fight for justice is long and awful at times but that’s no reason to quit on it. Anyway, Utah just recognized it as an official state holiday, so that’s nice. Speaking of recognizing things, would you recognize a good segue if you read one? Here’s a link to a blog post about frogs that suck at jumping:

Why Is This Tiny Frog So Awful At Jumping?

Why Is This Tiny Frog So Awful At Jumping?

Defector (yes they have a paywall, but it’s worth subscribing!) has an exciting new series of articles about animals. I learned a bit but mostly I just got to watch a bunch of gifs of a wee frog tumbling awkwardly across the ground.

Item 2: a list

U.S. Navy F-14 Aircrew Pilots Thanked in the End Credits of Top Gun (1986), ranked:

  1. Lt. Rick “Curly” Moe
  2. LCDR. Lloyd “Bozo” Abel
  3. Lt. Ben “Rabbi” Schneider
  4. Lt. Tracy “Too Cool” Skeels
  5. Lt. JG Kenneth “Squire” Smith
  6. Lt. Scott “D-Bear” Altman
  7. Lt. Dennis “Loner” Broska
  8. Lt. Chuck “Silver” Lewis

Item 3: a media recommendation

It's a Small Aisle After All

It's a Small Aisle After All

The evolution of the “international” section of the grocery store and how some products stay there forever and some break out to blend in with similar products throughout the market.

I listened to this podcast episode a while back and thought it was quite interesting. Make some instant ramen and give it a listen.

Item 4: a photograph

Neil Diamond - Red Red Wine

See ya!

I really need to get back to coming up with some sort of unifying theme for my issues. Come back next week and see if I’ve made any progress on that score. Thanks as always for reading.