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Friday, May 7, 2021

Against all odds, we made it to another Friday. It's a privilege to present you with the following collection of things.

An Exclusive Look at James Turrell's Roden Crater

An Exclusive Look at James Turrell's Roden Crater

In the American Southwest, the famed light-bending artist is putting the final touches on Roden Crater, his ambitious, mind-boggling masterpiece.

[Fascinating look at an amazing effort by a unique artist working with space and light on a grand scale, and fighting time and mortality along the way. Also, he's a Pomona College alum. - ed]

Item 2: a list

Thank you Spectrum Educational Charts

Marsupials, ranked

  1. Sugar Glider
  2. Pademelon
  3. Potoroo
  4. Wallaby
  5. Cuscus
  6. Tasmanian Devil
  7. Quoll
  8. Koala
  9. Tree Kangaroo
  10. Wombat
  11. Kangaroo
  12. Bandicoot
  13. Wallaroo
  14. Possum
  15. Opossum

* There are probably some other marsupials out there but I found this list on a very educational 2017 blog post (the chart is currently on sale!)

Item 3: a media recommendation

Sixtyforgan: The unlikely sound of magnets, springs, and a C64.
Back in 2008 I had an epiphany about church organs: At least in theory, organ pipes produce very simple waveforms, much like 8-bit sound chips do-and the reason church organs don’t sound like chiptunes is primarily because of the acoustics of the church.

I found this video at Kottke.org and really enjoyed it.

Item 4: a photograph

"During the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to field test the new Phase One XT camera platform in Bolivia, a dream location of mine. A continuation of my Lux Noctis and Aeroglyphs series, I explored these landscapes on a week-long road trip, photographing in remote and extreme locations with the camera, in combination with my modified drone to illuminate the landscapes at night" - Reuben Wu

For more information on Reuben Wu and the Phase One project, click right here.

Thanks for reading - see you next week.