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Wolmania - Friday, July 8, 2022

Happy Friday. I hope you are well. Look at this stuff:



“In the G2 novelization the Brain Gremlin takes over writing at the point where the Gremlins take over the film.”

I have so much respect for the commercial hack writers who conclude something along the lines of “nobody cares about this project so why not really go all out and have some fun with it in the hopes that someone notices in 30 years and gets some social media clout off my ingenuity”.

Item 2: a list

Basketball positions, ranked:

  1. Shooting guard
  2. Center
  3. Point guard
  4. Power forward
  5. Small forward

Item 3: a media recommendation

Nathan for You

Nathan for You

Nathan Fielder has a new show coming out soon which looks to be basically an ambitious new season of Nathan for You. If you’re unfamiliar with his whole thing, he’s an extremely awkward guy who goes around trying to be helpful to people in ways that defy easy description. The thing I find most delightful about him is that he (and his unseen team of co-conspirators) apply an absolutely absurd amount of resources to these tasks (you can read about it in that Vulture article I just linked to before). Like the guy who decided not to just reformat the Gremlins 2 shooting script, he doesn’t merely do the expected, adequate thing - he really goes for it. Anyway, Nathan for You’s four seasons are  on Hulu now and I recommend them.

Item 4: a photograph

See ya!

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