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Wolmania - Friday, April 22, 2022

Good morning to everyone except unqualified 35-year-old Trump appointees taking it upon themselves to commit Legislation from the bench. No good morning to them!

We have some new subscribers lately - welcome to the newsletter (unless any of you are undermining democracy and public health as a craven supplicant to a bigoted death cult). In the interest of transparency and good faith, I have not made this issue any better than usual so you can see what you've gotten yourself into. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Let's begin.

The Differences Between Processed White Flour and Whole Grain Flour

The Differences Between Processed White Flour and Whole Grain Flour

A deep dive into the differences between industrial bleached white flour, stone-ground whole wheat flour, and why it matters when it comes to freshness, price, and nutrition. [good read! - ed]

Item 2: a list

thank you DuckDuckGo image search

English punctuation marks, ranked:

  1. Em Dash
  2. Exclamation Mark/Exclamation Point
  3. Semicolon
  4. Question Mark
  5. Comma
  6. Parentheses
  7. Full Stop/Period
  8. Quotation Mark
  9. En Dash
  10. Apostrophe
  11. Hyphen
  12. Brackets
  13. Ellipsis
  14. Colon

Item 3: a media recommendation

Beforeigners: Official Trailer

Have I already recommended this show? I can't remember. But it's a Viking time-travel police procedural that balances the absurdity of its premise with some thorough world-building and also is in Norwegian so get your reading glasses out. There are only two short-ish seasons (so far) and I recommend it.

Item 4: a photograph

I've been going back and forth over whether this viral tweet is real or not but you know what? Even if it's fraudulent I respect the hustle. Good job, blurry!

See ya!

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