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Wolmania - Friday, November 12, 2021

Oops this is exactly two hours late. Don’t worry about why!

Happy Friday. How are you doing? Staying hydrated? Getting enough sleep? Any fun weekend plans? How are you feeling about indoor dining these days? Are you up to date on Curb Your Enthusiasm? Do you think Larry's still got it? Did you hear that Beach House is finally putting out a new album next year, but also 1/4 of it already came out this week?

Here's the newsletter:

Item 0: follow-up

Extremely loyal readers may remember my linking to The Sporkful's "Mission: Impastable" series way back in issue #7 (aka the first time I recommended the B-52s' "Bring Me Back My Man"). At that point there were 5 episodes culminating in Dan Pashman's brand new pasta shape, cascatelli, going on sale. There have been a few updates since then, and the most recent episode (Overcast link) is richly rewarding for those who have been following along this whole time. It's about pasta, sure, but dare I say it's also a little bit... about life itself? Give it a listen.

Also, while we're on the subject, I did eventually get to try cascatelli and quite liked it. I'm slotting it in at #5 in my pasta shape rankings.

The Key Art Edition

The Key Art Edition

Rex Sorgatz on streaming, promotions, and the artistry of getting people to watch television.

Item 2: a list

Pre-Euro European Currencies, Ranked

  1. The Greek Drachma
  2. The French Franc
  3. The Dutch Guilder
  4. The Italian Lira
  5. The Monégasque Franc (it’s a thing!)
  6. The Lithuanian Litas
  7. The German Mark
  8. The Spanish Peseta
  9. The Latvian Lats
  10. The Finnish Markka
  11. The Estonian Kroon
  12. The Sammarinese Lira
  13. The Austrian Schilling
  14. The Portuguese Escudo
  15. The Maltese Lira
  16. The Slovenian Tolar
  17. The Slovak Koruna
  18. The Irish Punt (Pound)
  19. The Luxembourgish Franc
  20. The Cypriot Pound
  21. The Vatican Lira
  22. The Belgian Franc

Item 3: a media recommendation

Translation: "I made an 8-legged walking robot that moves with the Chebyshev Link mechanism using a 100-square petit train." Anyway, click through for the video!

Item 4: a photograph

A Rothschild’s giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) is transported to safety in a custom-built barge from a flooded Longicharo Island, Lake Baringo, in western Kenya. Photo by Amy Vitale for CNN. Click through for more info.

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