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Wolmania - Friday, January 21, 2022

Hello again. I have an assortment of things for you to check out this week. I hope you enjoy some or all of them.

Wiki History Game

Wiki History Game

A fun, humbling game in which you put Wikipedia history topics in chronological order. It's not unusual for the topic name to include the date, or for the underlying crowdsourced metadata to be completely mystifying or just plain wrong, but that's all part of the fun!

Item 2: a list

I assume this is what people mean when they talk about STEM education.

Complete Flower Parts, Ranked:

  1. Petal
  2. Carpel/Pistil
  3. Stamen
  4. Sepal

Item 3: a media recommendation

How the Sfoglini Factory Makes Cascatelli

Item 4: a photograph

Northern Cardinal, Rural Muskegon County, Michigan - Steve Jessmore

See ya!

Thanks for reading - see you next week!

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