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Wolmania - Friday, December 3, 2021

Happy December to all who celebrate. I’m extremely concerned (albeit, unfortunately, completely unsurprised) about recent political/judicial developments and have increased my monthly donation to Planned Parenthood, and I would encourage you to get involved however you can to protect the rights of your fellow citizens (and yourself). I’ll also again use this massive platform to encourage the legislator in my readership to to use the political power they have while they still have it to ditch the filibuster, enact progressive legislation, protect voting rights, and appoint a handful of new Supreme Court Justices. Oh, and if you’re a geriatric holding a safe elected (or appointed) position please consider securing your legacy as a responsible, thoughtful, non-egotistical person by passing the torch to the next generation (or perhaps the one after that) while you still can. You hold the lives and well-being of millions of people in your hands, perhaps you should act like this is more than just an opportunity to feel important while letting the country’s future crumble in your hands.

Okay so now let’s look at some harmless internet nonsense.

It’s Time to Revisit the Brash Brilliance of Garth Brooks

It’s Time to Revisit the Brash Brilliance of Garth Brooks

This massive Garth Brooks retrospective is a tour de force and don’t worry, Chris Gaines gets his time in the spotlight.

Item 2: a list

Hanukkah Nights, Ranked

  1. Night 8
  2. Night 1
  3. Night 7
  4. Night 6
  5. Night 2
  6. Night 3
  7. Night 5
  8. Night 4

Item 3: a media recommendation

Stay Tuned — Twenty Thousand Hertz

Stay Tuned — Twenty Thousand Hertz

Nearly a century after they first appeared, the Looney Tunes are back in an all-new series. To bring this iconic franchise into the present, the creators are looking to its past, taking it back to the look and feel of the 1940s. But filling the shoes of legendary voice actor Mel Blanc is easier said than done. Featuring voice actors Eric Bauza and Jeff Bergman, and showrunner Pete Browngardt.

Item 4: a photograph

The Helix Nebula - from The Atlantic’s Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar (you can catch up on the last few days by clicking on the photo)

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