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Friday, April 9, 2021

Happy Friday to you. Here's some stuff you might like!

The Invention of a New Pasta Shape

The Invention of a New Pasta Shape

A person named Dan Pashman created a new pasta shape and I love it. (A victim of its own success, it's sold out and just available for preorder right now.) If you have the time, the 5-part podcast series about it all is very fun.

Item 2: a list

No theme this week, but after listening to hours of in-depth discussion of pasta shapes, and thinking further about the topic, I'm digging into my pre-newsletter archives for a classic list, lightly updated for today's modern audience. Excited to see where Cascatelli lands once my order arrives in 12 weeks.

Italian pasta shapes, ranked (2021 edition):

  1. Cavatelli
  2. Cavatappi
  3. Orecchiette
  4. Gemelli
  5. Conchiglie (shells)
  6. Campanelle / Gigli
  7. Fusilli
  8. Rotini
  9. Fettuccine / Tagliatelle
  10. Bucatini
  11. Pappardelle
  12. Orzo
  13. Radiatori
  14. Lasagna
  15. Penne / Penne Rigate
  16. Ziti
  17. Rigatoni
  18. Rotelle / Ruote (wheels)
  19. Elbow Macaroni
  20. Manicotti
  21. Pipe / Pipette Rigate
  22. Farfalle (bow ties)
  23. Linguine
  24. Spaghetti
  25. Egg Noodles
  26. Vermicelli
  27. Angel Hair

(Filled pastas like ravioli and non-flour pastas like gnudi are not included.)

Item 3: a media recommendation

The B-52s - Give Me Back My Man

Item 4: a photograph

A Flag Shaped Aurora over Sweden - Mia Stålnacke