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Friday, April 5, 2024

Hello. Earlier this week the weather in San Francisco was warm and sunny. Now it's fairly cold and generally unpleasant. It's like Mark Twain once said: "Frisco weather is so crazy!"

Imagine what Mark Twain might think about modern conveniences like microwaves, or SAG-AFTRA, or universal healthcare (in other countries). The mind boggles...

Via the irreplaceable Jason Kottke, here's how they transmitted images across "the wire" to newspapers back in the 1930s. It's pretty impressive technology, but those dummies could have saved a lot of trouble by just asking AI to draw the images for them.

What I wouldn't give to hear Mark Twain's thoughts on ChatGPT.

Item 2: a list

Seasons, ranked:

  1. Fall
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

Item 3: a media recommendation

A Guy Making a Bunch of Cheeseburgers and Talking About It

Yep, more YouTube. Watching this made me hungry. I feel like Mark Twain would pretty much understand this one no problem.

Item 4: word of the week


We figured out our dog was allergic to shellfish about 10 minutes after she snuck a stray bite of shrimp cocktail. We heard whining from the kitchen and walked in to see she had sufflated into what could only be described as a 'furry manatee'.
(This is fictive but in this story, the dog ends up fine.)

Item 5: a photograph

We'd have to start by walking Mark Twain through The Lord of the Rings trilogy but after that I think he'd quickly draw the connection between this image and the Eye of Sauron.
Armand Sarlangue, France - Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland. Like a living galaxy of fire ready to explode from the inside... A secondary fissure turned into a lava fountain spreading 1200° hot lava over the lava fields, a few hundreds meters from the main crater. It was captured with a drone during a mahor storm, with rain and strong wind making the capture process very complicated. This fissure lasted for few hours before disappearing. Later that day the site was closed by authorities due to dangerous conditions because of the storm, which is why this image is unique.TECHNICAL DATA Hasselblad L1D-20C (mavic pro 2), 10.3mm (28mm equivalent) lens, f2,8, 1/60s, ISO 100

See ya!

Thanks for reading. Not sure what all that Mark Twain stuff was about. I expect it'll be out of my system by next week. See you then.