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Friday, September 29, 2023

Traveling again, and thus phoning it in again, this week. Hopefully you find something interesting here anyway.

A fin whale, the second-largest whale species on earth — and a rare sighting from the shore. (Sutton Lynch, presumably recently)

I enjoyed this multimedia article about whales and whale photography. Sutton Lynch, a person in the Hamptons (New York), takes aerial drone photos (and video footage) of whales and other sea creatures (click through for the spinner sharks video!).

Item 2: a list

Teeth Names. Courtesy of Medical News Today. Thank you, Medical News Today!

Types of teeth, ranked

  1. Secondary canines
  2. Secondary incisors
  3. Primary canines
  4. Primary incisors
  5. Primary molars
  6. Secondary molars
  7. Secondary premolars

Item 3: a media recommendation

I recommend that you sign up for AMC+ so you can watch Le Bureau, a very good French spy show and figuring out what dialogue should be subtitled for which regions must be an absolute nightmare. It's five seasons of ten episodes each. You can do this.

Item 4: word of the week


Okay, I'll bite. When you described me as "vermiculate" in my annual review, exactly how was that supposed to be complimentary? And 'whoops I meant to say 'vermiform'" is not helpful, Brian.

Item 5: a photograph

Gary Lathan, 2023 - Salt Works at Sunset (Uyuni Salt Lake, Bolivia)

See ya!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend and let's meet back here in October.