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Friday, October 13, 2023

Welcome to a spooky Friday the 13th edition of Wolmania. There's nothing eerier than a carelessly tossed-together newsletter, right? So we're on theme today.

I was reading a book that referred to the inferiority of a "left wing pen":

So glad the ink had not yet grown muddy.
C.S. Forester - "Hornblower and the Hotspur" (1962)

As you will have gathered, the "left wing" in this phrase refers not to political leanings but rather to from which side of the bird the feather comes. I could have stopped there and just shared this excerpt, but this newsletter goes the extra mile for you and finds other references to a "left wing pen" in old books. Unfortunately, those references seem to directly contradict the first one:

Make up your mind, old books!
Edward Ward - "The Batchelor's Estimate of the Expences of a Married LifeIn a Letter to a Friend. Being an Answer to a Proposal of Marrying a Lady with 2000 L. Fortune" (1748)

So now I have no idea what to believe (other than that one should make sure one's Pen-knife is fharp in the Back).

Item 2: a list

Rare earth elements, ranked

  1. Ytterbium
  2. Ytrium
  3. Praseodymium
  4. Neodymium
  5. Promethium
  6. Gadolinium
  7. Europium
  8. Lanthanum
  9. Thulium
  10. Cerium
  11. Holmium
  12. Lutetium
  13. Samarium
  14. Terbium
  15. Dysprosium
  16. Erbium
  17. Scandium

Item 3: a media recommendation

Metric - The Void

Item 4: word of the week


"Hey babe, glad you're home. Perfect timing, I'm just putting the finishing touches on that TikTok recipe I was telling you about. Can you set the table while I get this out of the pan?"
"Okay." Her nose twitched. "But are you sure olive loaf basque cheesecake is supposed to be so... mephitic?"
He furrowed his brows, thinking. "Maybe I wasn't supposed to leave the uni yogurt out overnight. It's probably fine, I'll just use more charred asparagus coulis."

Item 5: a photograph

Marc Marco, Sa Foradada Storm, Mallorca, Spain (2023)

See ya!

Thanks for reading. See you next week when I will finally be back on American shores.