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Friday, November 10, 2023

Hello there and congratulations to SAG-AFTRA. Organized labor works.

Newsletter follows:

It's sort of like that t-shirt with multiple wolf heads howling at the moon, but instead it's a bunch of music guys standing on compact discs, performing their little hearts out. The caption says "Transform your entire CD collection into a non-stop 3-dimensional concert as all your favorite artists perform live in your own home."
The Magnavox guy in his chair could never

Have I linked to Cabel Sasser's blog before? I'm not sure. Cabel is one of the founders of Panic, a software company that also makes the Playdate, a Wolmania favorite adorable consumer electronics device. Anyway and not unrelatedly, Cabel just published a pretty amazing post about the DAK catalog, which I'm sorry to say I'm like 6 months too young to have encountered in the wild. DAK was basically a homespun precursor to the Sharper Image catalog, and Cabel has managed to collect and scan every issue, along with a lot of related material. It's a great time capsule and hearkens back to a simpler time in technology when everything was insane, but in a fun way. Go read the post!

Bonus image/album cover:

No frickin' idea what that device he's holding is. Maybe a raw animal magnetism enhancer???

Item 2: a list

A bunch of woodwind instruments, looking good

Woodwind instruments, ranked

  1. Tenor Saxophone
  2. Bassoon
  3. Contra-Alto/E-Flat Clarinet
  4. Piccolo
  5. Ocarina
  6. Bass Clarinet
  7. Bagpipes
  8. Oboe
  9. Contrabassoon
  10. Flute
  11. Clarinet
  12. English Horn
  13. Baritone Saxophone
  14. Soprano Saxophone

Item 3: a media recommendation

Patti Smith - Land: Horses- / Land of a Thousand Dances / La Mer (de)

Item 4: word of the week


We always used to call it "collation". But I guess "girl dinner" works too.

Item 5: a photograph

From a Hirayama Fireworks company catalog, early 1900s.

See ya!

Thanks for reading. Bye bye.