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Friday, March 1, 2024

This is the button I was supposed to press yesterday to schedule this issue. Oops.

Good morning and welcome back to Wolmania. We have a strange collection of small trinkets today. Let's start with cold beef juice.

A vintage Campbell's ad for Soup on the Rocks.
mmm. soup.

Have I already linked to this? I feel like I may have. But if so, it was back in my Revue era, so I think it's okay to revisit the time when Campbell's Soup tried valiantly to get people to drink beef boullion over ice. I understand that some of us are trying to cut down on, or eliminate, alcohol consumption, and I wholeheartedly support that. Even so, I'm not tempted to try a Frisky Sour (two cans of beef broth, one can of water, and a half cup of lemon juice, shaken).

Let's check back on this in a few months. I'll be in the gastronomy lab, working on the perfect recipe for a Spaghetti-O's Fashioned.

Item 2: a list

r/physicsmemes - What flavor of quark are you?
This meme is not canon.

Quark flavors, ranked

  1. Up (u) quark
  2. Charm (c) quark
  3. Bottom (b) quark
  4. Down (d) quark
  5. Strange (s) quark
  6. Top (t) quark

(Antiquark flavor rankings are left as an exercise to the reader.)

Item 3: a media recommendation

DJ Shadow - The Organ Donor

Item 4: word of the week


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Bibelot who?
Bibelot twenty degrees all next week and they're predicting a foot and a half of snow. WHEN WILL WINTER END???

Item 5: a photograph

Sports Club/LA - West Los Angeles, CA (late 1980s), scanned from the book, California Design (1989)

See ya!

Sorry about that knock knock joke. It was a bibelot my usual standard.

See you next week.