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Friday, July 21, 2023

News you can use, as long as you're not obsessed with timeliness

I'm writing this on a borrowed computer with a Czech keyboard and if I don§t paz verz careful attention everzthing comes out like this. So 1) I'm going to keep it short this week and 2) I apologize for any tzpos.

Image of a tall wooden building that may or may not ever actually exist.

I'm pretty sure this is one of those stories where some developer really hypes up a project that hasn't been funded and will never happen but they're theoretically building a wooden skyscraper which would be the world's tallest, at 100 meters/30 stories tall. Sounds nice and the rendered images are cool.

The exterior appearance of the complex will be vegetation-covered buildings with interiors that are light-filled and open, with a décor that will emphasize the natural beauty of wood.
The exterior of the tower will be clad in terracotta (which, like wood, can be produced sustainably) and will consist of a wooden structure and a wooden core. This last point is very important, because while there are other planned hybrid wood towers that will be even taller, their hybrid nature means that they have a concrete core that houses the elevator and stairs.

Slated to be completed by 2026 but maybe don't hold your breath.

Item 2: a list

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

The Three Tenors, ranked:

  1. Luciano Pavarotti
  2. Plácido Domingo
  3. José Carreras

Item 3: a media recommendation

Cover art for Switched on Pop episode 315: Listening 2 Daft Punk: Homework

The Switched on Pop podcast recently ran a series of episodes on each of Daft Punk's albums, starting with Homework and running all the way through Random Access Memories. If you enjoyed that video about all the samples on Daft Punk's Discovery, I recommend giving these podcast eps a listen. Perhaps while sipping coffee and looking out the window on a cool Sunday morning. Up to you.

Item 4: word of the week


To you, I may just be Zeke, the guy who chews with his mouth open and keeps quote-unquote forgetting to give you back that book you lent me. But here in my unfinished basement, where every corner is my kingdom, to the sea monkeys slumbering peacefully in yon mason jar, I am a god, mighty and ferocious. They live at my pleasure and die at my whim. They fear their demiurge, but in that fear... there's power. Anyway, I'll get you that book back next week.

Item 5: a photograph

A sea nettle drifts in the shallows of Monterey Bay, California. Maxwel Hohn, Ocean Photography Awards 2021 Community Choice Award Nominee

See ya!

Thanks for reading. See you next week when I will still be traveling but should, if all goes well, have all my keys where they're supposed to be.