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Friday, January 12, 2024

Welcome back to Wolmania, proudly hosted on a platform that isn't Substack. Today we're finally going to take certain freeloading members of the Greek alphabet down a peg or two. Yep, I'm not afraid to "go there".

As tempting as it is to just link to the art book again, I guess I should provide something new here. So let's talk about wine. As of January 1, Californians are finally getting a financial incentive to recycle wine bottles (the same way they already did for non-alcoholic cans and bottles). That's nice but wine bottles are still terrible for the environment. Unfortunately, as the linked article laid out way back in 2022, none of the possible solutions had really worked (and as far as I can tell, they still haven't). It's time for bold thinking and solutioneering. Also, maybe it's time to start putting Mexican whiskey in cans.

Item 2: a list

Letters of the Greek alphabet, ranked:

  1. Theta - Θ θ
  2. Mu - Μ μ
  3. Psi - Ψ ψ
  4. Pi - Π π
  5. Phi - Φ φ
  6. Omega - Ω ω
  7. Gamma - Γ γ
  8. Delta - Δ δ
  9. Lambda - Λ λ
  10. Sigma - Σ σ/ς
  11. Tau - Τ τ
  12. Alpha - Α α
  13. Zeta - Ζ ζ
  14. Eta - Η η
  15. Beta - Β β
  16. Xi - Ξ ξ
  17. Chi - Χ χ
  18. Kappa - Κ κ
  19. Epsilon - Ε ε
  20. Nu - Ν ν
  21. Omicron - Ο ο
  22. Upsilon - Υ υ
  23. Iota - Ι ι
  24. Rho - Ρ ρ

Item 3: a media recommendation

I recommend listening to the new monthly podcast about The Power Broker, hosted by 99% Invisible's Roman Mars and not 99% Invisible's Eliott Kalan. They haven't really started yet (they're tackling the first few chapters later this month) but they did an intro episode last month with special guest (and Robert Caro superfan) Conan O'Brien. This is where I confess that when I started the book a couple of years ago I stalled out about 1/3 through, despite really enjoying it. I just dropped it for a couple of weeks and never got back to it. I've since traded my 1,300 page paperback for a much more manageable ebook and plan to read along with the podcast. Should be a fun year.

Item 4: word of the week


I agree, everyone would think your Thread calling Liam the subaltern of the Hemsworth family was quite cutting, if anyone knew what "subaltern" means. Unfortunately no one does so they all think it's a compliment. Which, by the way, what did Liam Hemsworth ever do to you? Reevaluate your life choices.

Item 5: a photograph

See ya!

Thanks for reading. See you next week!