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Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday, December 2, 2022

Hello and good morning. I hope you're having a pleasant week, somehow. Here's the newsletter.

Here's a fascinating story about the last time trial by combat was used to resolve a legal claim in England, about 200 years after I would have expected it. Unfortunately the subject matter is fairly grim, but it's an interesting look at 1) nineteenth century CSI techniques; 2) the nineteenth century British legal system; and 3) seventeenth century trial by combat.

(I also enjoyed the Ridley Scott film The Last Duel, mentioned briefly in this story.)

Item 2: a list

French Baguette varieties, ranked

  1. Demi-baguette
  2. Baguette en épi
  3. Traditional baguette
  4. Ficelle
  5. Sarmentine
  6. Pain bâtard
  7. Baguette classique
  8. Viennoise
  9. Pains spéciaux
  10. Baguette moulée
  11. Flute

Thank you Mona

Item 3: a media recommendation

Bo Burnham - 1985 (wild that the best song on this album is not on the album)

Item 4: word of the week


Item 5: a photograph

Marley Butler nightscape

See ya!

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